TuTu Helper – Download TuTu Helper For Android

If you are looking for TuTu Helper for Android. Its already here and it is nothing less than the iOS version. Providing the same extraordinary features and functionalities. Tutu Helper is widely popular among iOS users and now it is made available for Android as well.

Tutu Helper is a third-party app store that allows to install paid apps and games for free. With over 50 million users it is considered as one of the best app store for no jailbreak/root users.

Tutu Helper runs on multi-platform Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and PC.

TUTUApp VIP Download Free. TutuApp APK is 3rd party app store, allows you to download android and iOS paid apps for free. Using Tutu Helper you can use almost all the paid apps and games like tutuapp pokemon go, tutuapp spotify for free. TutuApp can be used to download apps in PC, Android device, and the iOS device.

TuTu Helper Features

Let’s have a look on its differentiating features.

  • Tutu helper is compatible for all the android devices having version of 4.0 or higher.
  • It is easily and freely accessible by any android device user through the official website or few third party sites.
  • No need for any jailbreak or root.
  • There are variety of apps and games in all the versions available for users to access.
  • Updates are available on regular basis.
  • This app store also provides additional features like cache clean up and data transfers.
  • Another reason for using Tutu app helper is that it is very simple to operate.
  • It is absolutely safe and secure.

Follow the step-by-step installation guide below.

Download Tutu Helper for Android

  1. Navigate to Settings > Security > Device administration > Turn on “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download APK File.
  3. Once download is complete proceed with installation of the app.
  4. The app will be ready to use on the homepage. Enjoy!

The app requires minimum Android 2.0 or later.

Download Tutu Helper for iOS

  1. Download iOS File.
  2. Choose “Regular” which is the free version of the app.
  3. Click Install > Allow Installation. Once done the app will be in home screen.
  4. Navigate to Settings > General > Device Management >”Beijing Founder Electronics Co. Ltd” > Trust this app. (The profile certificate name may vary, choose based on that).
  5. Now the app is all ready to use.

It requires minimum iOS 7. Supports on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download Tutu Helper for PC

  1. Download EXE File.
  2. Navigate to Downloads Folder and right click on the .exe file and run the software as administrator.
  3. Save the files on C:\ Drive or any location of your preference and complete the installation procedure.
  4. Once done you will be able to use the app on your PC.

Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “VIP” version?

Tutu Helper VIP is a paid version of the app that comes with dedicate support, no ads and revoke guarantee.

We highly recommend you to purchase the app once you’re satisfied with it and support the developers.

Why is it showing Untrusted Enterprise Developer?

Tutu Helper is a third-party app it requires a certificate signed by Apple in order to run on iOS platform. Since the app store shares paid apps and games for free Apple keeps revoking the certificate every other few week.

To prevent this to happen Tutu Helper team has developed NessTool. Use the anti-revoke app to prevent getting revoked.

Pokemon GO

Tutuapp is a 3rd party Chinese app store where you can get most of the cool premium apps for free. TutuApp is available for Android, iOS devices and PC. Which make the game play a lot more fun by giving you full control and fine tuning some features of the game or the app. Tutuapp contains millions of hacked and cracked games and apps that you can download for your android device.

Tutuapp Pokemon Go APK

Pokemon Go is the best app that is developed by the makers of Pokemon Series. TuTu Helper for Android is the first and best app store that has developed Pokemon Go modded version.

There are lot of people out there who are searching for Pokemon Go and especially Pokemon Go Android. If you one of them, then you have come to the right correct place, here in this guide we are going to tell you about TuTuApp Pokemon Go which you can use as Pokemon Go Android and play TutuApp Pokemon Go without going outside.

Here we will explain what is the real use of TuTuApp. TuTu Helper APK is not like other app stores, where you can find free app with their paid versions. TuTuApp Pokemon Go is 3rd party Chinese app store where you can find each and everything for free.  You can download all the apps which are available in the Apple store.

TUTUApp Pokemon GO Features

  1. TUTUApp is free for all devices; you can download the TUTUApp APK for free. Also all the apps in the app are available for free, you can download as many apps and games as you like without having to pay for it.
  2. You can also get free games, free music and other free media content without having to purchase any of it.
  3. You do not need an android smart phone with root access or a jaibroken iOS device in order to run the TUTUApp apk, separate versions of the TUTUApp app are provided for all variations of the devices.
  4. TUTUApp comes preloaded with a lot of cool features like an add on toolbar with which you can control lots of handy features such as flashlight, manage reminders and calendar etc. TUTUApp also works as a cleaning app which takes care of all the unwanted files and clears up your ram so your device can run smoother.
  5. Please be aware of the fact that the TUTUApp app store is available in Chinese language until the English version is released, you will need to use the Google translate app to figure out what the options in the app mean which would not take much time.

Download TUTUApp Pokemon GO

  1. Download TUTUApp APK.
  2. Open file manager and locate the downloaded APK file, install it.
  3. Open the TUTUApp app store on your android device, use the search bar to look for the desired app and use Google translate to decipher the options.
  4. Download TUTUApp Pokemon GO app.
  5. Use the provided search bar in the TUTUApp app store to search for Pokemon GO app.
  6. Install the Pokemon GO app when you see it in the search results.
  7. Open the download TUTUApp Pokemon GO game and enjoy!


APK Download

TutuApp is strongly popular 3rd party app store. TutuApp VIP allows you to download many paid apps for free of cost at a blazing speed. App available in TutuApp can be downloaded for PC, Android device, and the iOS device. It may happens to you many a time that you are unable to download a certain app from Google Play Store.

TutuApp APK DownloadThis happens because that app is not available in your region due to of the policies of Google Play Store and sometimes, the app is not released in your geographical location. This is the time when you start getting frustrated, but now you can use the TutuApp to download the other apps for free.

TutuApp Android also provided modified games like TutuApp Pokemon Go, tutuapp spotify. When you install an paid app for free using tutuapp you do not have to install another app to render the in app purchases.

TutuApp APK Key Features

  • Provides all kinds of applications on official app stores for free like Pokemon Go and Spotify.
  • Provides modded applications with unlocked in app purchases for free
  • Does not require root access on Android or jailbreak on iOS.
  • Several methods to download TutuApp.
  • Built in cache and memory cleaners.
  • Attractive and smooth user interface with easy navigation service.

How To Download and Install TutuApp Apk?

TutuApp is still not available in Official Google Play Store for obvious reason. It is separate 3rd party app store and therefore it will not be available in Play Store. This means that you have to download it from a third party website.

There are two options available to download TutuApp Apk.

First Option is as below: –

  • Open the default browser on your Android device and open URL: https://itutuappvip.com/
  • Get to the Android section of the website and look for “Download Button
  • Download TutuApp APK from the website and install the package installer file.
  • Install the application file and run it.

Second Option is as below: –

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ of your smartphone. Toggle on the ‘Unknown Source’ to allow you smartphone to download and install an app outside of the Google Play Store.
  2. Scroll down to get the download link and download the apk file. 
  3. Wait for few minutes for the app to be downloaded. After the downloading procedure is completed, it will appear on the notification bar.
  4. Tap on it and the installation window will appear. Give all the necessary permission to install the app and click on ‘Install’. Wait for the installation process to be completed. The icon of the TutuApp will now be visible in your app section.
  5. Open it and start downloading your favorite apps for free.

TutuApp APK Info:

File Name: Tutuapp.apk
File Type: .apk
File Size: 4.44 MB
System Requirement: Android 4.0 and above.
Operating System: Android
Total Installs: 10 Million+
Category: Utilities


Download Now

Size 4.44 MB

TutuApp APK Download

Big Chinese Companies like Tutu Helper Initially, don’t release app in International Languages. But with its fast demand and popularity in users the company decided to release the app in other Languages too. Now, the users can directly go to their official TutuApp VIP website and a drop down menu while downloading should show up. There, the user needs to select “TutuApp APK” This will then allow them to download and install TutuApp in English like the regular Chinese version of the app.